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Bridge Troll Murders Wins 2018 Oklahoma Book Award for Fiction

The 29th Annual Oklahoma Book Awards drew a record number of entries, and Sheldon Russell emerged from the pack as the winner of the prestigious award for fiction for this latest Hook Runyon Mystery:  The Bridge Troll Murders.

“Receiving the Oklahoma Book Award for Fiction is special,”  Sheldon said. “The competition is of the highest quality and many are the same writers who have reached out to help me over the years.”

The historical novel is the fifth book in his acclaimed Hook Runyon Mystery Series, and brings Russell’s book total to ten.

The book awards were held April 7 in the ballroom of the historic Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. The evening included book signings, a cocktail hour, and banquet; former Oklahoma Gov. George Nigh served as the master of ceremonies. 
The evening benefited the Oklahoma Center for the Book, which is an affiliate of the Library of Congress’s Center for the Book.

Long Awaited New Book Arrives in Acclaimed Hook Runyon Mystery Series

They say a railroad is little more than a small town that stretches a thousand miles along a single winding iron thread. And as in any small town, gossip travels up and down the rail so fast it might as well be a telephone party line. So when a local boy turns up dead sixty miles down track under a bridge marked as a safe hobo camp, it quickly becomes Hook Runyon’s job to find out what happened before it hits the headlines of the local newspapers. The rail yard bull is dealing with the constraints of a new office job and the presence of a young aspiring criminologist from Back East, a mixture ripe for all hell breaking loose.

"Excellent . . . Russell has created a fully realized protagonist . . . The often witty dialogue and seamless narrative prose carry the reader along to the satisfying resolution." —Publishers Weekly ★ Starred Review